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Who is eligible?
All adult male offenders serving life sentences are eligible for residency. Lifers with a sexual component to their criminal history including but not limited to their index offence do not meet criteria.
How to apply
Write to the Residential Program Manager requesting an interview and explaining your interest in participating in the Residential Program.
The Residential Program Manager visits all institutions in the Ontario Region and will arrange for an interview with you.
The applicant will be encouraged to work with the Peer Life worker assigned to your institution.
Institutional Parole Officer will prepare a community assessment to the Windsor Community.
The Community Admissions team (CAT) reviews all applications prior to acceptance.
How to be a successful candidate
Be eligible to begin the release process (ETA, UTA and day parole).
Demonstrate a consistent and positive attitude.
Demonstrate a constructive change in behaviour.
Complete required programs.
Follow correctional plan.
  "Living in the Independent Living Unit is a trial run
   at full parole" - Resident
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