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Chaplain Rev. Rielly McLaren


For 10 years, Community Chaplain Rielly McLaren has served the Windsor-Essex community through chaplaincy services at St. Leonard's House, a halfway home for federal ex-offenders.
Rielly provides specialized chaplaincy care, support, guidance, and program facilitation for ex-offenders and their families.
As a chaplain, Rielly also endeavours to 'care for the caregivers' - the numerous social workers, staff members, and local partners pouring into the field of restorative justice and community reintegration of ex-offenders.
Chaplain Rielly is an ordained minister, licensed with the CCFCC and the province of Ontario.      
Beyond chaplaincy, he is an experienced pastor, speaker, leader, musician and social justice advocate among impoverished urban communities.
Funding and Fundraising:
Due to federal government cutbacks in 2013, Rielly relies on local fundraising and the generosity of individuals, faith-groups, and grants to continue the Chaplaincy program. If you would like to donate, follow this link or fill out the information below

Contact info

If you have an inquiry or would like to speak with a chaplain, please call St. Leonard's House (519) 256 1878 or send Chaplain Rielly an email via the message boxes below 

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