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Application and Screening Process


At St. Leonard's House, incoming volunteers go through a two step screening process as outlined below. Volunteers are asked to provide a copy of their resumes and may be required to provide personal references. Volunteers should also be aware that a police clearance will also be required. The clearance is obtained at the Windsor Police Services headquarters. If you inform them that it is for volunteer work and provide a letter from St. Leonard's House, the clearance is done at a discounted rate.


The following steps outline the application and screening process.


Personal Interview Application


The primary objective of the personal interview is to consider the volunteer's preferences, experience and abilities and how it relates to St. Leonard's House.


All potential volunteers will need to provide a resume and will be given copies of the volunteer manual and resident manual to review prior to the orientation.




The orientation will involve reviewing in detail, the volunteer manual and exploring what tasks/responsibilities the volunteer would like to undertake. Arrangements for specific duty assignments and scheduling are made with the volunteer co-ordinator at this time. It is also required that any new volunteer sign a confidentiality agreement prior to starting.


For further information please contact


Volunteer Co-ordinator

Jen Graham

phone:(519) 256 1878

e-mail click here



If you are interested in volunteering please download and print out  the form below. Please bring the completed form to your initial meeting.




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